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Standard of Services

We promise the Corporate Like Services to the Corporate or Non Corporate Clients and understand all the Professional Ethics and Social Responsibilities Attached to the Noble Profession of the Advocacy. We believe that the privileges attached to this Profession should be used in manner most beneficial to our clients.

Standard of Professional Services:

  1. Litigation:We provide best professional services to our clients in Litigation. The SWOT Analysis is what we start with and make our clients understand all the Strength and Weakness of their Case on Facts along with all settled Legal Position. We Believe that the Client must not be mis-lead with false promises and therefore we make sure that our client understand all the risks attached to the matter and then it is the choice of the Client to move forward with the decision of Litigation.

  2. Non Litigation: Entering into Contracts or other Agreements are part of our day to day life. It is often seen that we sign the agreements without considering the effects and consequences of the same. Indian culture is based on Trust and therefore when there is a question of Trust there is a possibility of Breach of Trust. We therefore participate actively in the process of making of agreements with our clients and make them understand all the consequences of the terms and conditions therein. We believe that participation of legal experts in the process of making of agreements makes the parties to agreement more confident. We assist our clients in other non litigation decisions also where there can be consequences which are required to be foreseen. We work as family members of our clients and work for their benefits to prevent any problems in future.

    We also offer corporate advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, Intellectual Property Registrations, Corporate Documentations, Corporate Due Diligence, Company Registrations, Title Clearance Certificates, Property Registrations and other allied services. We also advise our clients on Securities and Investment Laws, Insurance Laws, Banking Laws, Real Estate Laws, Education Laws and in others allied fields.

  3. Due Diligence:We offer all services for Due Diligence to ensure that our clients are complying with all the Laws required to be complied with in any venture. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that the clients interest in any venture where due diligence is required to be exercised is protected. Our Clients are advised for the Due Diligence Procedures before any Deal they are about to enter or before any venture they are about to begin. We assist our Clients obtain best Professional Advise from external sources for ensuring all compliance and Due Diligence issues.

  4. Alternative Disputes Resolution: India is a land where Peace and Prosperity has co existed. The Peace with Prosperity is result of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism in built in our Society at various levels. समाधान has been a word most generously used in Indian Society. We provide all Assistance for Alternative Dispute Resolution including advising our Clients for Conciliation, Mediation or Arbitration. We also provide for arranging for Conciliation or Mediation Proceedings in a Calm and Peaceful Atmosphere. Some Battles are not to be won but settled. Society without Unnecessary / Trivial Adversarial Litigation is a Social Responsibility of the Fraternity.

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